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Doing a study on time without any distinct purpose other than to study.

Time is the custodian of all earthly activities. Time does not exist in heaven since eternity is the atmosphere of God and there is neither beginning nor ending there is only “there is.” Time is the earthly account for there is a time when we all must give an account. We are preoccupied with time and we wear watches and technological devices to inform us of its moments. We desire to know what, where, why, who but when. We arrange our lives around this invisible citadel that reminds us when to start, stop, pause, speak, listen, invest, buy, sell, marry, have children, get an education, purchase a home, car, clothing, form friendships, exercise, eat, sleep, awake, and earthly terrestrial activity.

Time is neither friend nor foe….no respecter of person, place, condition…has no preference to age, gender, socioeconomic status, national origin, religious preference…

Time determines value of clothing, books, cars, wine, jewlry,

Time defines age, old, new, beginning, ending…

Time is a healer, revealer, concealer, teacher… time the unknown and unseen is known and seen…..the broken is mended….

Time is the curator of hope, faith, confidence, assurance for they all come with time

Time determines what is appropriate and inappropriate….for there is a time for everything under the sun

Jesus defines discernment in terms of time… look at the sky and you say…..but you could not discern the hour

Maturity is defined by time……Paul writes when (time) I was a child I spoke and acted but when (time) I became mature

The mystery of time…it reveals and conceals

The paradox of time … reveals consistency and inconsistency, faithfulness and unfaithfulness, integrity, character

Time is a judge……for in the fulness

What do we not like about time? Nothing except its companions such as ageing, death, loss, and all the dark realities of life

What do you we like about time? Its companions of justice, deliverance, prosperity, healing, joy…..sad for a night but joy comes

What dimension of time do we like the most? Beginning, ending, meantime, daytime, nighttime, evening, winter, summer, spring, fall, sunrise, sunset……

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