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Welcome to The Community Of The Holy Spirit

Welcome To The Community Of The Holy Spirit


The Community of The Holy Spirit

FINDING JOY......7-17-24

The Community of The Holy Spirit
FINDING JOY......7-17-24
FINDING JOY......7-17-24
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FINDING JOY......7-17-24

Practical Love - Part  2
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Practical Love - Part 2

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Watch hours of lectures and videos of Bishop Kirby & guest addressing a variety of topics.

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The Community of The Holy Spirit

We welcome you to a Christian experience of the Holy Spirit. Although we come from a variety of ethnic, cultural, and even religious backgrounds, our common quest is to learn more about Jesus Christ, and this Way that has endured throughout all generations.  We are Word-driven and Spirit-sensitive. We are in a relationship with Him and one another.

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Navigating TheJouney Book
Prevailing Spirit- A Journal of Survival Grandmother
No Controversy Book Cover


Join a Christian worship experience of the Word and the Holy Spirit. We seek to empower believers with the power of the Holy Spirit, the healing of the blood of Jesus Christ and the love of God.


Read and Learn topics written

by Bishop Kirby

The Freedom of giving and the blessing of receiving.


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The International Connection of Ministries is a global network dedicated to the development and promotion of the spiritual and practical growth and effectiveness among its affiliates. Click the button below to access our video collection from the 2018 I.C.C.C. Conference.

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